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Philosophy and Ethics

Plato and the cave
Coping with Plato (1)
Coping with Plato (2)
Plato and the Forms
Form of the good
Aristotle and causation
Creation Ex-Nihilo
Goodness of God
Ontological Argument
Cosmological Argument
Radio debate Copleston & Russell
Moral Argument
Challenge of evil
Science and Religion

Life after death
Religious experience and the Bible
Religious experience in religion
Religious experience in 19th & 20th centuries
Religious experience the pros and cons
The Bible and miracles
What counts as a miracle?
God and omniscience
Religious Language

Cultural Relativism
Natural Law
Consequentialism and criticism
Religious Ethics
IVF and 3 parent babies
Applied Ethics abortion
Ireland makes abortion legal
Assisted suicide
  Craig Ewart
  Daniel James
  Tony Nicklinson
  Paul Lamb
Assisted suicide - court decision
Sanctity of life
GM food and Mosanto
Jus in Bello - Chemical weapons

Meta Ethics
Virtue Ethics
Free will and Determinism
Conscience and Contraception
Situation Ethics
Ethics and Business
Environmental Ethics
Sexual Ethics Old Testament
Sexual Ethics New Testament

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