RS Support


RS Support began in March 2001 as a website designed to support pupils at Gresham's School in Norfolk who were taking their A level or GCSE in Religious Studies. It was intended to connect them to places and organisations who could give reliable information on the topics they were studying.

The webmaster is still the Revd Robin Myerscough who now hopes the site will be useful for those who are anxious to explore Old Testament topics. New articles and links will be added fairly frequently.

The webmaster is always pleased to receive questions or suggestions about whatever is posted here. Do feel free to use the email link for this.

The original website - now somewhat out of date - is archived on my computer so anyone wishing to access information originally displayed on it may just be able to do so. It's always worth an email to check.

However the website for photographs continues however on www.myerscoughpictures.org.uk you are welcome to visit me there.

Email is still rmyerscough@hotmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you